Booba sends strength to Bramsito’s new track “Sosa”!


On his Instagram account, Booba has just given his support to his little protégé Bramsito after the release of his latest track “Sosa”

Whatever may be said, we can still recognize one thing in Booba. When he appreciates someone, he gives himself body and soul for them. Proof of this is with his last post on Instagram in which he supports Bramsito for the release of “Sosa”.

We’d rather see the Duke make posts like this than hurl insults. Indeed, those who have followed the rapper for several years know that putting out positive messages is not always his forte.

Booba, preferring to take the lead with his rivals. La Fouine and Rohff can attest to this. The two have been at war with the 9.2 artist for many years now. However, the first worked with him before.

We especially remember their feat on “Reste en chien”. But after some disagreements, war broke out between the two. His relationship is similar with Kaaris. Indeed, B2O had taken the Dozo out of anonymity by working with him and putting him forward.

But the fact that the rapper from Sevran is not on his side in his war with Rohff has broken the ties between them. Since then, they have been waging a merciless war and it should not end anytime soon.

So you will understand, it is not uncommon to see Booba at war with the rappers in the field. And sometimes even his old friends. We hope Bramsito will not meet the same fate.


Because yes, we are not immune to anything. Maybe the DUC has been appreciating and promoting his foal for some time, but if he were to disappoint him, a clash between them would not be excluded.

Which could also be happening with Maes. The latter, very close to Booba for a long time now, could also become his enemy if the mood takes him. It is true that we are making pessimistic assumptions and that we should stop there.

Indeed, everything is going for the best between the artists mentioned and we hope with all our hearts that this does not change. Besides, if relations weren’t good, B2O would probably not be advertising Bramsito on his Instagram account.

If you go to the DUC account, you will see that he is highlighting the title of the one he collaborated with on the sound “Sale Mood”. Noting in his publication:

“Repost of @bramsitoofficiel. Yo the “SOSA” team is available everywhere. Clip tomorrow at 4 pm 🔥 good listening ”.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be listening to this song over and over. And let’s also look forward to the new feat of Booba with his foal. A feat that should happen soon if we believe the latest rumors.


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