Booba: rival Rohff clashes with him after his complaint!


Rohff once again attacks Booba on Instagram and clashes with his rival following his complaint against journalist Yérim Sar.

The battle continues between the two rappers Rohff and Booba. Not long ago, the Padre therefore once again attacked the Duke with a quirky edit on Instagram.

Famous for his music, Booba also owes his reputation to the many clashes that have accompanied his long career. And yet, there are really many.

Rohff, Kaaris, La Fouine, or even Mc Jean Gabin and Damso, the list of his enemies on the French music scene is long… Really very long.

Moreover, the interpreter of Like a star is not limited to the latter. He also attacked many influencers, and more recently, YouTubers.

The Duke has no limits! But that’s also why the public adores him and has followed him for so many years. With him, he never has time to be bored.

One of his biggest clashes pits him against another pillar of French rap. You will have probably understood it, so it is about Roh2f. And it’s been going on for a long time!

It must be said that the two stars are not lacking in inspiration to tackle each other. They have mastered the art of photo editing like no one else.

And to the delight of Internet users, the interpreter of La grande classe has just done it again. He takes it out on Booba once again on Instagram!

Booba: his rival Rohff files him following his complaint against Yérim Sar Booba: his rival Rohff files him following his complaint against Yérim Sar!

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Not long ago, Booba lodged a complaint against journalist Yémir Sar for defamation. Indeed, the latter recently referred to a dark affair concerning him in his show After Rap.

As you probably know, this is therefore a story about minors. But the Duke denies any involvement and intends to be heard.

It was without counting on the multiple interventions of his rival, Rohff, who does not hesitate to drive the point home on social networks. Nothing seems to be able to stop it!

Not long ago, the Padre did it again with a new photo montage on Instagram. On the latter, we see the face of Booba on the body of a man who says a magic lamp.

Behind him are many young women. We then discover the title of this famous poster: “Eli Baba and the 40 minors.”

But that’s not all ! We can also read a comment from Rohff: “Soon Booby la pointe in Dakar, forbidden to over 16s. ”

For the moment, B2o has not yet responded to the attack of its great rival. But we can expect an imminent response. He’s not the type to let those little tackles go by.

So this is a case to be continued …


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