Booba reveals his muscular calf and impresses the web!


No one can stop him! Always in search of exceptional musculature, Booba gives body and soul to the gym.Indeed, the performer of “Cavaliero” trains every day. Enough to give the impression to his 1 million subscribers to prepare for a fight, or at least to break a record.

However, this is not the first time that Omar and Luna’s dad has given his all to the sport. In fact, he was always addicted to training.

So Booba has only one goal: to be always and even more muscular than he already is. He is a real sports and bodybuilding guru!

But it must be said that Kaaris’ big rival is really unstoppable at the moment. So, is he trying to make up for his loss of muscle mass during confinement?

Or, conversely, is he preparing for a big event? This is a question that torments his community on Instagram.


Indeed, Booba is becoming more and more demanding with his body. The French rapper wants to strengthen all parties. And right now, we have to believe that the Duke of Boulogne is dedicated to his legs.

Yes, B2o is looking for perfect musculature. So, he takes the time to work his legs. In particular his calves, which his rivals love to criticize for their finesse.

So this time, Booba proves them just the opposite. His calf, very muscular and which has doubled in size, shocks the Web!

In fact, Omar and Luna’s father intrigues his followers. And for good reason, he comments on his photo, mentioning one of his friends. “Are you sure it’s good to stop the meat ?! “It must be said that he also changed his diet!


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