Booba returns with the song “The Dance of the Pirates”!


Rapper Booba falls back to childhood and shares the song “La danse des pirates” on Instagram! We tell you everything.

Booba shares the song La danse des pirates on Instagram and falls back into childhood!

Piracy, Booba knows well! And it even seems that the rapper has known piracy well since his childhood.

So, on Instagram, he shared the song La danse des pirates. This is a song from the series Les mondes engoutis which aired in the 1980s.

A return to childhood that the young rapper wanted to share with his fans on Instagram. And many of them liked his publication!

Indeed, more than 45,000 people liked Booba’s post. Just that ! Many have also left him comments under his post.

“Oh, B2O is all dark,” a fan remarked to him. “Between connoisseurs” another wrote to him.


Booba’s piracy has become a real concept for the singer’s community. After launching his ready-to-wear brand La Piraterie, the rapper launched a label of the same name.

Indeed, last October the singer announced the good news to his fans on social networks. After 92i, Tallac Records and 7 Corp make way for Piraterie Music!

So Booba is not on his first label and maybe not on his last. On Instagram he had posted a video clip of the One Piece cartoon followed by the label’s logo.

The label has already signed its first artist. This is rapper JSX. In addition to this project, B2O has pleased its fans recently with the release of its 5G track.

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This is actually the first single from his upcoming album Ultra. We must admit that this one is eagerly awaited by the fans.

But it is still difficult to define the artistic direction of his next album. So we can’t wait to know more!


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