Booba: rapper Kaaris exonerated in shooting case!


The investigations into the shooting dating from 2019, on the set of a clip of Booba, were not very conclusive.

In the summer of 2019, a shootout erupted and injured three people while filming one of Booba’s music videos. The rapper then accused Kaaris, his sworn enemy.

On the day of the shooting, the 92 rapper and his team were in an industrial area when they saw five cars unloaded. On board are individuals armed with baseball bats and handguns.

The Duke of Boulogne, who has left the scene, does not attend the scene. Ibou, one of Booba’s relatives, is seriously injured. Indeed, he received four 9 mm bullets in the leg. A technician and a director also receive projectiles. As a result, an investigation for attempted murder in an organized gang was opened.

Since then, Booba remains convinced that it is a dirty trick of Kaaris, an artist with whom he was in clash at this very moment. Ouch!

It must be said that the two men have a heavy liability. As a reminder, in August 2018, a violent fight broke out at Orly airport. They received an 18-month suspended prison sentence and a 50,000 euro fine. After which the two rappers met in Switzerland for a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. However, the meeting did not finally take place.


But now the case seems to take a whole new turn. Indeed, the accused’s lawyer has repeatedly maintained that “Kaaris never had anything to do with this case”. And he could be right!

Indeed, this case has just been discontinued. “The shooting was not linked to any dispute between the rappers in question,” the prosecution said. This means that no investigation is ongoing in this matter. Unless a possible rebound occurs in the meantime.

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Obviously, Booba couldn’t help but react to this great news. Banned from Instagram, the Duke of Boulogne therefore spoke on the famous blue bird social network: Twitter. To proclaim loud and clear his opinion on this verdict.

Thus, the latter published a screenshot of an article in Le Figaro, writing the following caption: “I had forgotten him outright”, all followed by a laughing emoji and a smiley exasperated.

Once again, the interpreter of “Azerty” seems to play the card of lightness. So the rapper indulged in a few jokes again. Which seems to please his many fans who liked the post in droves. Thus, this post generated 3,600 likes and was retweeted more than 400 times. Just that !


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