Booba: producer Dany Synthé at war with Gims?


In his Instagram story, Dany Synthé let it be known if he was at war with Gims because of his recent collaboration with Booba

In the world of rap, a lot of clashes exist. Especially since the arrival of Booba in the community. Indeed, the DUC does not stop tackling everything that moves. Sometimes not hesitating to mess around with old friends. Or to ask some to side with him in some clashes. But did you know that Gims had asked Dany Synthé the same thing?

Surprisingly, as surprising as it may seem, the rapper from the Sexion Assault allegedly asked a collaborator to choose a clan in his clash with Booba. Since the beatmaker worked with both rivals, the bespectacled rapper would not have accepted the situation.

But is this really true? Or are these rumors? Dany Synthé, himself, gave the answer as Generations noted.

According to him, there would be no confusion: “There is no particular confusion (at least not on my side). It will be almost 3 years since we last spoke because he wanted me to take sides in his clash with Booba but I refused … But be easy, is R. ”

But whoever ultimately chose Booba over Gims did not think he was getting the wrath of the friends of the bespectacled rapper so much by saying that.


Indeed, after his revelation, H Magnum went out of its hinges and answered Dany Synthé. Reminding him in particular that “without Gims”, he would not have existed:

“You little shit.” You did a tour with us. You were the maestro, Gims sang your name. Hey you won thousands of euros, is it you against us now that you are in trouble you speak? you weren’t just a beatmaker and you know it. Go get out of there… ”

H Magnum suggesting that the beatmaker’s statements would be false. That he wouldn’t have had to choose between Booba and Gims. Yet, as you can see above, the latter would not have lied. Indeed, after being insulted by several people, he made the choice to throw everything away.

Although whoever works with Booba now would have preferred not to come to this, he felt obligated to let go of him.


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