Booba: Patrice Evra takes “92i Veyron” in its own way!


On August 26, the very famous football player Patrice Evra fed his Instagram feed with a hilarious video.He thus appears in his car and improvises himself as a rapper. The sportsman therefore takes back 92i Veyron, one of Booba’s classics.

“No one believed in me. My teacher at school said to me: Mr. Evra, what do you want to do for a job later? ”

“I said footballer. But do you think football is a profession? Plus, do you really think you’re the one they’ll spot first? “.

Amused by this surprising remix, Booba then shared it on his own Instagram profile. The budding rapper therefore seems validated by the Duke!


Not long ago, Booba therefore fed his own Instagram feed of the hilarious video by Patrice Evra.

The rapper from 92 then took the opportunity to send a little message to his footballer friend. We love !

“To start off this week which promises to be full of emotions. Patrice Evra You Only Live Once! ”.

“Let’s take advantage of it… Thank you for the strength and well seen the high-kick in his grandmother, that’s really true! The rest is witchcraft. ”

Of course, Booba fans then reacted en masse to their idol’s post. It must be said that the remix sends very heavy!

“Wallah he’s sick hahaha. But in real life, he says the truth Evra ”. We let you listen!

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