Booba parodies the host Camille Combal on a SDM track!


On his Twitter account, rapper Booba offered a hilarious parody of TF1 host Camille Combal on the track SDM

In addition to being talented in music, Booba also performs in humor. Sometimes exceeding the limits, of course. But the DUC have still proven over the years that they can make their fans laugh. Whether it is by classifying its rivals, or by making edits. Proof of this is with his last Twitter post, in which he parodies Camille Combal.

But as we let you know, it often happens for Luna and Omar’s father to exceed certain limits. This earned him the ban from his Instagram account. Already warned by the Facebook-owned app, the artist continued to go too far and be violent.

Following this, Booba therefore saw his account be closed. Fortunately, today, many social networks exist. This is why B2O made the choice to repatriate itself on Twitter.

An arrival dividing his fans and his haters. Especially since a few days ago he had his account hacked. The hacker in question, posting a photo of a penis that we do not yet know if it belonged to its owner …

In any case, the story has been talked about and it did not really improve the image of Booba. Whether it’s a real hack or a lie …


But today it is indeed a funny post from Luna and Omar’s dad. Without being violent, and without going beyond the limits. It remains to be seen whether Camille Combal will like the rapper’s humor.

Since, as we let you know, it is the host of TF1 who saw himself being used by Booba for a parody. As you can see above, the DUC was replacing the head of the old “Baba” mate and placing his own.

All this on a perfectly sticky SDM sound at the moment. Since the sequence chosen by Booba was a moment during which Camille Combal moved in all directions. Almost giving us the impression that it is ambiant over the sound chosen by the DUC.

In short, a rather funny moment which changes some of the slippages of B2O.


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