Booba makes fun of Covid-19 and nicknames it “tricked flu”!


In the Story of his Instagram account, Booba shared a video where he made fun of Covid-19 by comparing it to a “tricked flu”!

On social networks, not a single day goes by without Booba making the buzz. Between his clashes or his outspokenness, he often shocked his fans. Recently, he hasn’t hesitated to poke fun at Covid-19.

This Monday, November 9, Booba posted a new Story video from his Instagram account. He unveiled a nurse dancing. But it was surely his legend that surprised his followers. The latter did not expect that.

Indeed, Booba swung: “If I ever catch their doctored flu there, do not send it to me thank you. I’ll drink some orange juice, it will get strong. ” Of course, orange juice is not a cure for Covid-19.

Recently, the pharmaceutical group Pfizer and BioNTech announced that their vaccine was very effective against the disease. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to convince the population. Or the skeptics like the rapper for example.


Booba posted a photo from an article. The latter gave information about this vaccine against Covid-19. The president of Pfizer, Albert Bourla has also confided.

He said: “More than eight months after the start of the worst pandemic in more than a century, we believe this step represents a significant step forward for the world in our battle against Covid-19.”

Info that B2o has decided to share with its fans on social networks. If he does not live in confinement in France, he continues to live his life quietly in the United States.

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In America, the health situation is not getting better either. It remains to be seen whether this famous vaccine will be on sale soon. To be continued!


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