Booba: Luna confirmed KRN’s “Arc-en-ciel” voice!


Booba’s daughter, Luna, sings her song Arc-en-ciel performed by singer KRN! We give you more details. Luna, Booba’s daughter sings her father’s song Arc-en-ciel on social networks!

After a short stay in France for the promotion of his new album, Booba finally found his life in Miami. And especially his two children, Luna and Omar.

The young rapper has just shared an adorable video with his daughter on social media. We then discover little Luna, aged 6, who sings a piece of her daddy.

Suffice to say that the young girl is the number 1 fan of her father. On the video, we recognize the piece Arc-en-ciel by Booba.

But this time it’s not him who sings. Indeed, her piece was taken over by the young artist KRN.

In any case Luna seems to love the recovery of the young woman. On the video posted on Instagram, we can indeed say that the young girl fully validates this remix.

Fans of the rapper for their part have completely fallen for the daughter of the Duke of Boulogne! His video posted on Instagram has already accumulated nearly 26,000 views, just two hours after its publication.

In the comments, fans have left a large number of heart-shaped emojis. Looks like little Luna has charmed fans of the French artist! We validate.


For those who don’t know her yet, KRN is Booba’s new protégé. The young woman is the new signing of the rapper’s 7corp label.

In June 2019, the French artist fell in love with the young woman’s voice. At the time, KRN made a name for itself with its covers of great French rap classics.

From now on, the young artist is flying with her own wings. A few days ago, we discovered his brand new single, Les anges. KRN offers here a very touching piano-voice.

His mentor hadn’t hesitated to send him strength on his Instagram account when he released his single. The latter was also accompanied by a video clip which has now accumulated nearly 27,000 views on YouTube.

The young protégé of Booba was also in the discovery playlist of the Deezer platform last week. Fans of the artist, on the other hand, seem a little less fan of his signature.

You should know that the young woman is part of the 7corp label which is more open to variety artists. We are therefore very far from the universe of the Duke of Boulogne.

The label also has artists like Bramsito, Dixon and Lestin. The Duke of Boulogne has certainly not finished finding new nuggets for us.


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