Booba lets go on Twitter and attacks Gims


Booba continues to clash Gims, Benash and Said Taghmaoui on Twitter this time! We’ll give you more details. Rapper Booba goes wild on Twitter and lashes out at Gims, Benash and Said Taghmaoui!

Banned from Instagram, it will take more to silence the rapper. Indeed, Booba is far from done with his enemies.

Moreover, the French rapper is becoming more and more aggressive. This time the Miami-based artist leaves Rohff a bit behind and takes on Said Taghmaoui, Gims and Benash!

He then begins with the actor discovered in the film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz. The latter had also clashed Booba following the ban of the latter from the social network Instagram.

“The end of social networks? There are some who will lose weight… ”he laughs. A video that the French rapper will resume before adding at the end a photo of Franck Gastambide, the director of the series Validé.


So Booba attacked Benash as well. He has indeed published a video in which a tweeter is filming himself to comment on the phone call between the two rappers, which B2O has chosen to post online.

The video thus makes fun of the fact that Benash would have stammered and ended up lying in front of the pressure blow put by Booba. Finally, the rapper installed in Miami ends with a post to provoke Gims.

He indeed shares a rare photo of the singer where he does not wear his glasses. “The day will come when you have to look me in the eye. »Comments the Duke of Boulogne.

Which therefore looks like a threat to his favorite enemy. The French rapper therefore does not intend to drop the clashes.

Even after his Instagram account was deleted, the young man found another way to reach his best enemies. Case to be continued.


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