Booba laughs at Nabilla visiting Abu Dhabi Mosque!


In Story of his Instagram account, Booba shared a photo where he did not hesitate to make fun of Nabilla. Something to amuse its subscribers!

There is not a single person who escapes Booba’s tackles on social media. Recently, he made fun of Nabilla.

Several months ago now, the Instagram platform decided to ban Booba. Indeed, he would have crossed the line with his repeated clashes. But he had ended up coming back!

Recently, it is with Rohff that he is at war. But the latter is not the only one to have to pay the cost of Booba’s anger. Indeed, Kaaris, La Fouine, Gims or even Angèle took it for their rank.

And they are not alone. This Tuesday, November 10, the rapper shared a new photo on his Instagram account. On the other hand, he did not fail to make his fans laugh on the social network.


Yesterday, Nabilla shared a snapshot of her and her husband, veiled, at the foot of the Abu Dhabi Mosque! A photo that won over the fans with over 400,000 “Like” mentions.

But if there is one that this post has not escaped, it’s Booba. Thus, the latter reposted it in Story. In caption, he wrote: “BUT NO !!! @NABILLA WE SAID “THE POPE” YOU’RE TRUMPED # 5G “followed by several emojis.

By that, we must see a reference to his brand new title “5G” in which he winks at the beautiful brunette. Indeed, on the instrumental, the Duke of Boulogne exclaims: “2020, I put the Pope and Nabilla on the same board”.

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Internet users obviously loved this mischievous metaphor of the rapper! Just like the main one concerned.

But if Nabilla has so far found Booba’s interventions funny, will she still want to react to the last one? To be continued!


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