Booba is sending a message of love to his mother!


French artist Booba makes an adorable declaration of love for his mother on social media. Beneath his tough looks, in reality hides a very sensitive man. And Booba has just proven it with a new post on Instagram.

Deprived of his personal account, the young rapper takes advantage of the account of his brand La Piraterie to remain active on Instagram. He just posted an adorable photo and a very touching message to his mother.

We thus discover a photo of the one who seems to be his mother. She appears young and radiant in a vintage outfit that would be downright trendy today!

Indeed, Booba’s mother wears a top and a matching waist skirt with matching floral patterns. She strikes a shy pose, her hands crossed and her round wicker bag over her shoulder.

“I will never have as much strength as you but you gave me enough to finish the job” writes the young artist in the caption of his photo. A lovely declaration of love that touched his fans a lot.

Indeed, many of them showed their support for him on the social network. Her pretty photo also collects more than 9,000 likes in just two hours!

In the comments, fans of the artist also loved the statement by their favorite artist. “Everything for the mama” wrote a subscriber to him. Or even “Eternal respect to you”.


You should know that the young French rapper has always been very close to his mother. In fact, he never hesitates to wink at her in his publications.

We think for example of the day when Booba released his single 5G. The young artist then shared on social networks that his mother had validated his single.

In 2006, the Duke of Boulogne also experienced a nightmarish episode. If the latter has long been bathed in violence, it should be known that this also had consequences on his family. That year, those close to Booba were kidnapped and kidnapped.

The criminals even demand a huge ransom from the artist in return for their freedom. The two attackers will eventually be arrested and will confess.

In fact, they explain that they chose the artist’s family a bit by chance. They had indeed come across him in the neighborhood and that’s how they got the idea of ​​the kidnapping.

With a few clicks, the two thugs find his home address and arrive at his home armed to the teeth. But it’s not the rapper who opens it, but his mother.

No wonder since the artist hasn’t lived with her for a long time. Annoyed, they decide to keep the rapper’s mother and brother hostage. They will therefore ask for 500,000 euros from Booba.

The latter will succeed in negotiating 320,000 against their freedom. He’ll call the police in the meantime. The two attackers are arrested on their way to the meeting place to collect the money.


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