Booba is making fun of Rohff with his Instagram filter!


In the story of his Instagram account, Booba broadcasts an excerpt from an interview with his great rival, Rohff. He laughs at him with a filter.

French rapper Booba gets his head on his biggest rival, Rohff, using an Instagram filter. He adds twenty more years to her in a filmed interview.

The war will therefore never end! In the soap opera Booba – Rohff, this is the umpteenth episode. Indeed, the two French rappers continue to shoot their best arrows to hit each other.

This time, the 92i interpreter Veyron could have hit him right in the heart. Indeed, the Duke of Boulogne has once again made fun of him. Thus, B2o shared an excerpt from one of his interviews in his story on Instagram.

However, Omar and Luna’s father didn’t just comment. To innovate his clash, the main party simply allowed himself to put a filter on his head. So it looks like Rohff is twenty years older than he should be.

Behavior that could amount to immaturity on Booba’s part. But the artist has nothing more to prove to anyone in the rapgame. So the father does not care about criticism from Internet users.

However, Rohff is not let down on his side. Indeed, the one who has just been attacked also grants himself a right of reply. And when the native of Antananarivo from Madagascar steps in, it can hurt!


Indeed, Booba is in turn clashed. It must be said that Rohff could not let pass such mockery, and such a lack of respect. So, the main interested party has just struck even harder.

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In short, Rohff shared a photo-collage of Booba and… Guy George, a serial killer and rapist. It must be said that the two men look like a drop of water. So the rapper wonders if this is the same person. Ouch!


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