Booba is making fun of “Prince de la calle” after SDM!


Booba may be a well-known rapper, he also appreciates giving strength to his proteges. Like SDM, whom he wants to support!

In addition to stoking the web with his numerous quarrels, Booba finds time for his charges. Thus, after promoting Green Montana, the Duke of Boulogne has just supported another of his little ones, on his Instagram account.

For several weeks, Booba has not stopped clashing and insulting his rivals like Gims or Rohff. This is why it is nice to see him share content related to music and his projects.

It is probably not his fans who will say the opposite. Especially since Booba’s post allows us to highlight a newcomer from the more or more famous 92i label, namely SDM.

Indeed, the one who signed with Booba at the beginning of the year is about to release his brand new title, entitled “Prince de la Calle”.


As usual, Booba took to his favorite social network, Instagram, to prove his dedication to this artist from the 92.

Thus, the Duke of Boulogne shared a teaser of the next sound of SDM. In caption, he simply writes: “@ sdm__92” PRINCE DE LA CALLE “11.20.2020. This is the time… 🎱 “.

A few words that are enough to provoke the impatience of his many fans. Indeed, the publication has been viewed by over 120,000 people.

In addition, many Internet users have commented. Indeed, we can read messages such as: “FINALLY !!”, “It’s the best of the new wave by far!”, “We are waiting for piracy ❤️” or “Piracy is here. wesh ☠️🙌 “.

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Instagramers then seem enthusiastic to discover the new title of Booba’s protégé. We therefore wish him every success!


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