Booba is making fun of “Barbie Girl” “Rapti World”!


To the delight of his fans, Booba has just teased the release of his new song on Twitter. Discover “Ratpi World”!

Like Marseille rapper Jul, Booba is getting ready to unveil his remix of the very famous track Barbie Girl performed by the 90s band Aqua. Ratpi World is coming to all platforms today!

More active than ever, Booba has a series of projects. After a long period of absence, he is therefore making his comeback on the French music scene!

Indeed, the very famous rapper from 92 made more talk about him through his clashes and his activity on social networks than through music.

But he now seems to be refocusing on his career and intends to continue to move the crowds. As you probably know, he’s also preparing a new album!

You will understand that this is therefore the highly anticipated Ultra. The opus should therefore be available on March 5. Patience, it happens!

But that’s all … Not long ago, Booba made another very big announcement. Monday January 25 at midnight, a new sound will emerge! Yes, you did hear it.

So this is a cover of the huge hit Barbie Girl by the group Aqua, released in 1997. It is called Ratpi World and already seems to be popular on the Internet …


Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine. Booba continues the projects, but above all, the very big successes. It must be said that the interpreter of Comme une ├ętoiles is very talented.

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He has reigned over the French rap scene for almost 20 years! And he does not intend to give up his place anytime soon. The Duke has not finished making people talk about him …

For some time now, Luna and Omar’s father has been shaking the web with the announcement of the release of a brand new, unreleased track.

As mentioned earlier, Ratpi World is therefore a cover of the title Barbie Girl from the Danish-Norwegian group Aqua. More than 20 years after its release, the hit continues to inspire the greatest!

Jul had remixed it himself 5 years earlier. My World is thus available in its album of the same name. And he’s certified gold!

On YouTube, the clip has accumulated no less than 22 million views. Just that ! It must be said that it sends very heavy. We love !

This morning, Booba therefore teased the release of his long-awaited new song. We discover a sublime 40-second 3D clip that seems to put water in the public’s mouth.

“Available at midnight” can we read in the caption of the post. So, meet tonight to listen to Ratpi World!


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