Booba is flying somewhere and driving his fans crazy!


Booba posted a photo on board a plane on Instagram and panicked his biggest fans! We tell you more. Booba posts a photo on a plane and drives his fans crazy on Instagram!

Deprived of his personal Instagram account, the Duke of Boulogne has not disappeared from the social network, however. Indeed, the French rapper takes advantage of his brand, La Piraterie account to stay active.

So fans of the artist discovered a nice surprise just a few hours ago. Booba has indeed shared a selfie of him on the Instagram account of La Piraterie.

We then discover the young artist in a black T-shirt and a mask of his mark on his face. We notice that he is on a plane.

“Cabin crew at the doors, checking the opposite door…” can be read in the caption of his post. The young rapper also adds a black flag emoji, a sign of La Piraterie!

On Instagram, fans go wild when their favorite star is on a plane. Especially since Booba takes great care to play the mysterious and does not reveal his destination.

But true fans know where their favorite rapper is going. His post on Instagram collected no less than 17,900 likes just 3 hours after it was uploaded.

In the comments, many fans have guessed the destination of their beloved star. Those who have followed the news of the Duke of Boulogne know that the rapper is coming to France! We tell you more.

Booba flies to an unknown destination and drives his fans crazy!


So Booba boarded a plane for France! The young rapper thus begins the promotion of his long awaited new album.

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Booba will unveil his very first short film on Instagram!

Indeed in just a few days, on March 5, we will finally be able to discover his Ultra album. This is actually a tenth of the artist and unfortunately his last!

And yes, all good things come to an end. But Booba obviously intends to leave in style!

Recently, we were able to discover the artists with whom the young rapper has collaborated for this new opus. On the program: SDM, Gato, Maes, Ella or even Bramsito!

The Duke of Boulogne therefore promises us very, very heavy! Moreover, the young artist is back in France for one and only reason.

He will be entitled to his Rap Planet entirely devoted to the release of his Ultra album. After a few clashes on social media, Skyrock ended up offering Booba to come on the Fred Musa show.

This news had also pleased fans of the artist. So we can’t wait to find out how it will unfold!

But lately, the rapper had once again rejected the conditions imposed by the radio. Coup de com or real refusal? Impossible to know at the moment. Stay tuned, up close !


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