Booba is fighting against Mr. V of “rogue rappers” on Twitter


Booba continues to fan the web. The Duke of Boulogne has just started a third World War on Twitter! This Wednesday, January 6, Booba decided to go after YouTubers Mister V and Squeezie who got into rap recently.

For many years, Booba has been one of the most iconic French rappers. In addition to his many successes, the Duke of Boulogne has become known for his numerous clashes.

Indeed, the star does not only have friends in the world of music. One of his most famous wars is undoubtedly the one with Kaaris.

Since then, the interpreter of “Azerty” seems to have taken a liking to it. Every day its new prey. So today Booba has decided to take on YouTubers Mister V and Squeezie. The two young people have indeed decided to test the microphone recently.

Thus, the Duke of Boulogne shared Marcus Dia TV’s Instagram post. In it, he defends Young Thug who has been taken over by a lot of French rappers, after having criticized the rap street cred of Paris and its suburbs.

In this post, Marcus Dia Tv takes the opportunity to clash YouTubers who win musical awards like Squeezie. Obviously, Booba couldn’t help but slip in his personal comment.


On the blue bird social network, Booba wrote, “They would all be ready to collaborate with these impostor rappers. Whether it’s Mister V or lahuiss (I don’t even know him). Yes V I said your blaze, you are unfortunately part of it amigo. But the piracy is there. It will not be long. At worst, tell me you bunch of quiches! ”. So a way to show that he agrees!

Obviously, the tweet got a lot of talk, until it ended up in TT. It is nothing to say that the debate literally ignited the web.

But the rapper didn’t stop there. He then reposted a clip of a Squeezie sound and wrote, “That’ll be it, it’s just sad for a lot of great artists who work hard and make great music.” Good evening… #onpeutavoirunavisoupas? “.

Some time later, the two Youtubers decided to react with humor to Booba’s comment. And to each his own! Mister V posted a photo of his NBA2K character and Squeezie changed his blaze to lahuiss, as he called it.

So this is yet another clash for Booba who is now attacking YouTubers, with a tweet that may still cause a lot of talk in the coming hours.

However, we hope that his new album, entitled Ultra, will be released very soon in order to be able to discuss the music of the Duke of Boulogne and not on anything else …


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