Booba in yellow for promotion of the DCNTD brand


Booba has just posted a photo of him wearing a sweatshirt from his own brand DCNTD! His many fans have all validated the outfit of the artist!

Booba caused a stir on Instagram today! Indeed, the rapper posted a photo of him while he was wearing a DCNTD sweatshirt!

This Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Booba posted a photo of him that Internet users loved! Indeed, in the photo in question, the “5G” performer wears a yellow sweatshirt signed DCNTD, his own brand of textiles!

Thus, Internet users have reacted en masse to this post! Indeed, in just a few hours, the post in question has already accumulated more than 50,000 likes, a real record for the Duke of Boulogne!

The comments are also very numerous! Indeed, the fans of Booba wanted to compliment the streetwear look of their favorite rapper!


Like each of Booba’s posts, Internet users reacted en masse to the rapper’s last publication!

“But I love this photo! “Piracy is never over”, “Too good B20 anyway”, “the look, the attitude, that’s really the boss! “” The most stylish, I want to know nothing B20 really has too much charisma and taste for what is sappe! ”

Or again: “Can’t wait to discover his next album…. »« Booba, the most beautiful rapper! »« I validate this Yellow DCNTD sweatshirt! “We can thus read on the social network of the interpreter of” Dolce Vita “!

Comments that will therefore please the Duke of Boulogne! We therefore suggest that you take your turn to admire the photo in question which has made Internet users talk so much below! And you, what do you think of the look of B20?

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