Booba: his Yo2 social network soon available!


Rapper Booba is launching his own social network Yo2 soon! We give you more details on what awaits us! Rapper Booba’s social network, Yo2 will soon be online!

Booba seems to have trouble keeping up with social media. As evidenced by his recent Instagram ban.

This is not the first time that the French rapper’s account has been suspended! That is to say, he has a hard time following the rules of the Instagram community.

But that does not sign the end of the legendary provocations of the Duke of Boulogne. Booba has indeed turned to Twitter to resume his activities.

But the latest news, the young dad seems to have found the solution to no longer be censored on social networks! He intends to launch his own social network.

Eh yes. A little radical as a solution, but we are sure it will be effective!


Booba has therefore mobilized a team of developers who are working day and night on the creation of its new social network. But the rapper remains for the moment quite discreet on this new platform called Yo2.

But the young artist has indeed confirmed that his creation was in progress. Especially after Instagram and Twiter put a strain on him!

It is therefore thanks to the official account of his brand La Piraterie that Booba was able to tease the upcoming arrival of his new social network. But so far the rapper has not announced a launch date.

In any case, we are certain that his new network will generate a lot of ink! Although we don’t know much about it yet, we expect a cool platform aimed at young people.

It would therefore be like the universe of the artist and his audience! While waiting for its launch, we can’t wait to hear what the enemies of B2O think about it. Case to be continued.


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