Booba: his most famous songs to rediscover before “Ultra”!


Here just for you, the greatest classics of Booba to listen to absolutely again before the release of his new album Ultra!

Before discovering Booba’s new album, Ultra, here are some songs you absolutely must listen to!

This is by far the most anticipated album of this year 2021. In just a few days, Booba will unveil his brand new album Ultra.

This 10th opus will be the last of the Duke of Boulogne! After 30 years of career, the rapper leaves the game by releasing a last album on March 5.

Whether you are a fan or not, Booba will forever remain one of the pillars of French rap! Over the course of his career, the man nicknamed the Duke of Boulogne has left an impression with his unforgettable songs.

Before the release of his album Ultra, the media Melty decided to review the artist’s cult titles. From the start of his career to today, here are the 10 songs chosen by our colleagues.

Starting with the track Pas le temps pour les regrets by Lunatic. We go back here in the 2000s with the duo formed by Booba and Ali. This is one of the highlights of their very first studio album Mauvais Oeil.

Elie Yaffa, whose real name is then launched into a solo career. On May 16, 2004, he released his single No. 10. The title is the 4th track from his 2nd studio album Panthéon. The latter is also certified gold disc one month after its release with 100,000 copies sold.

Booba: his most famous songs to rediscover before “Ultra”!


In 2006, fans of Booba discovered his album Ouest Side. We will always remember his piece Boulbi. Besides, the title of his song is nothing but an abbreviation of Boulogne-Billancourt.

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Today his single Boulbi is one of the great classics of French rap! To listen to without moderation.

From the same album, we also find the track Pitbull. West Side’s ninth track is also her very first platinum record! In fact, the track greatly contributed to the popularity of the album.

This single made an impression in particular by its sensitivity compared to the artist’s other tracks. This is one of the songs where Booba indulges the most.

The year 2011 will be marked by the release of the album Autopsy Vol 4. From this album we retain the title Scarface or we rediscover the gangster side of the artist.

The following year the young artist made the buzz with his title Wesh Morray. In it, the 35-year-old rapper tackles Willi Denzey, whose name he chants on repeat.

In 2015, the young artist unveils his track OKLM from his album DUC. The same year, we also discovered his title 92i Veyron from his album Nero Nemesis.

Two years later, his DKR title was a hit. From his album Trône, his title takes us to Africa, to Dakar more precisely. Here, he refers to his Senegalese origins and points to European domination over African countries.

Finally, in the title Little Girl of the same album, Booba declares his love for his daughter Luna on a simple melody without drums. To rediscover!


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