Booba: His clip with “Tout gâcher” has been released!


The clip “Tout gâcher” taken from the album “Alaska” by Green Montana, featuring Booba, is now available on YouTube!

Booba is not idle. Indeed, even if the rapper does not release an album, he is dedicated to the projects of his little ones.

Indeed, Booba loves to give birth to young rappers. Recently, the latter signed Lestin, SDM or even Green Montana on his 92i label.

The latter (Green Montana) released his first opus entitled “Alaska” on October 30th. This project has been a great success since it has already reached the million streams!

Internet users were also able to discover his featuring with Booba on the title “Tout Gâcher”. And the least we can say is that they loved it!


Barely released that Booba already unveils the clip, on YouTube. In a few hours, the video was viewed more than 120 times!

The comments are also numerous and all more positive than the others. Thus, we can read: “Already I found Booba’s verse particularly lunar and interstellar, I can assure you that the degree of this video clip, which is in fact nothing more than a masterpiece by its density, its vision, its subtlety, its timing, its relevance, and its implementation, gives me even more shivers… Special mention to this beautiful Artist that is Green Montana “.

Or: “Another quality clip and go blow up Green Montana, it deserves to break through!” Drill vouchers for once and not your Wejdene “,” Booba introduced me to green Montana and I love it and the clip is square “. Whether it’s constructed messages or not, the advice remains the same!

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One Internet user even adds: “The clip is one level, the one that takes care of the editing, well done the job behind it”. This is the occasion to congratulate Fred de Pontcharra and Matthias Delabarre who made the video!


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