Booba: his “5G” hit transcribed in sign language by a fan!


Nice initiative from a Booba fan! He is indeed trying to make music accessible to everyone … so he translates 5G into sign language!

Some fans can therefore have great initiatives… And Booba seems touched! Indeed, one of the Piracy fans sends him his 5G title. But translated into sign language! A nice moment, that the rapper shares …

It must be said that apart from Louane in the Bélier family, very few singers and even songs have been able to make themselves accessible to the deaf … Some therefore try to solve the problem, by “chansigne”.

The principle remains to sing… But in sign language. The “chansigne” is therefore developing in France to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to access music. And a Booba fan does too!

He therefore decides to translate the 5G title by the signs. We discover him in front of the camera, with a sweatshirt and a pirate cap… And the chorus of the sound begins. In rhythm, we then discover the words in sign language.

A nice initiative from a fan, which Booba shares directly on his Insta account. So he seems touched by the idea. But also in favor of his music being accessible to everyone!


The Duke is therefore showing a pretty open-mindedness. He also allows the deaf and hard of hearing to see his music, since they cannot hear it: great ideas, and an initiative worth celebrating!

Booba fans seem to agree with this idea completely. The Duke thus receives more than 100,000 likes in half a day. And quite a few of them seem won over by the initiative!

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They thus congratulate themselves on a Piracy “never finished”, which takes “an entire universe” and which can now affect everyone. B2O is content with a little legend with the wise monkeys …

He therefore remains calm. But Booba undoubtedly knows that he remains one of the few to publish a song in chansigne… Maybe that will give an idea to others!


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