Booba has his twitter account hacked by “Kira”!


Booba multiplies the galleys! While he has received a lot of criticism on Twitter for his positions, Kira hacks his account!

So Booba isn’t having any luck with social media these days. Banned from Insta permanently, he has just had his Twitter account hacked by Kira! When nothing goes right…

It must also be said that the rapper is stuck in a very negative spiral. Famous for his many clashes with Rohff, Gims or Kaaris, he also paid the price… Because Insta no longer forgives.

After making his comeback with an unofficial account, Booba found himself banned from the social network a few weeks ago. Never mind, he also knows other networks where he can swing spikes!

He therefore returns to Twitter more assiduously … But succeeds, again, to stand out. He thus tries to clash Squeezie and Mister V, who had asked him nothing. Not very well seen …

Especially since, in the process, Booba also tries a political bet: he supports Donald Trump! A joke, but that a lot of Twittos have taken the first degree … A little embarrassing, anyway.


Because yes, when he says “we will meet again my boy, they are jealous”, the Duke is looking for surely does not mean a word of what he says … He still ends up with a flood of insults pretty crazy.

But what Booba hadn’t planned yet ended up happening: Kira hacked his account! The hacker, famous for attacking from time to time celebrity accounts, blocked all access …

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The rapper seems to take it as a joke. La Piracy publishes that he “needs a turfu geek or Anonymous 07 in an emergency” to be able to return to the social network.

So Booba takes it all as a joke, as usual … But we have to admit that social media is angry with him right now. Good luck !


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