Booba has become a meme of the famous Yugnat 999!


The famous blogger Yugnat 999 takes the last photo of Booba posted on his Instagram account and turns it into a hilarious meme!

Yugnat 999 has once again made his many fans laugh on Instagram with a photo of Booba. The rapper from 92 becomes an excellent meme of the very famous blogger!

Very active on Instagram, Booba therefore spends a good part of his time feeding his account with exclusive photos and videos.

With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored. They then follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse through the social network!

And to their delight, the Duke has just posted a brand new photo! Yes, you did hear it.

Wrapped up in his big coat, Booba then appears slumped on a sofa. The greenish image then quickly toured the web …

And the very famous blogger Yugnat 999 then made a hilarious meme!


Followed by more than 500,000 people on Instagram, Yugnat 999 then emerges as one of the most popular bloggers of the moment!

It must be said that ideas fuse in his imagination. Always funnier than the next, his memes are a huge success!

Today he had the good idea to use the last photo of Booba. And the result is hilarious!

We can therefore read “The butt at the bottom of the beer bottle” above the shot of the rapper. You will understand, it thus refers to beer bottles, often green in color, used as an ashtray in the evening.

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Booba’s Instagram account is full of nuggets! So we’ll let you take a look at the Yugnat 999 meme!


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