Booba has announced a new success for “Ultra” with SDM!


On his Instagram account, Booba has just announced great news. A new feat with SDM will be planned in his album “Ultra”.

Still a few days to go before the release of “Ultra”, Booba’s new album. An album that will bring together many featurings including one with SDM. This is indeed what the DUC reported on their Instagram account.

Or rather, the account of “La Piraterie”. Because we remind you that B2O no longer has a personal account since he was banned from the social network. Despite this “deprivation of rights”, he manages to give news through his brand’s account.

And as we let you know, the brand announced a new featuring for Booba’s album. Unsurprisingly, he will be collaborating with one of his foals. After rapping together on “La Zone”, SDM will be entitled to a new title with the DUC.

However, no Chantal Goya on the horizon. Some people doubtless wonder why we evoke the one who sang nursery rhymes for children? Simply because she wouldn’t be against a duet with Booba.

It was at the microphone of Europe 1 that she expressed his  desire a few days ago. This one, thus making it known: “We could do the rabbit in rap”. Plus, the two have reportedly met before. Chantal Goya even receiving compliments from his:

“He said something to me that moved me very much and made me very happy. He told me “respect, respect for you and all that you have done.”

Booba announces a new feat with SDM for his latest album “Ultra”!


But did you also know that B2O had contacted the one who sang nursery rhymes for a special request? Because yes, the DUKE blaze comes from a cartoon character.

This same cartoon being interpreted by Chantal Goya, Booba would have contacted her to ask her agreement to use the name of the teddy bear: “He had asked to use the name of the song for his career”.

However, we suspect that fans of the 9.2 rapper have nothing to do with this anecdote and are just waiting for one thing: the name of the track he and SDM are going to rap on. Our colleagues from Mouv ’were just sharing this info.

According to them it will be called “Have a nice day”. It remains to be seen what he will talk about But given the title, we opt for a fairly rhythmic sound filled with positive.

We don’t really know how many definitive feats are going to be on “Ultra”. In any case, there are starting to be a lot. Because in addition to SDM, know that Bramsito, Gato, Dala and Elia are also part of the project.

You are probably looking forward to hearing each of these songs by now. Just to be able to judge what, in your opinion, is the best feat on Booba’s album.


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