Booba denied it on Twitter like never before!


Booba doesn’t hesitate to say what he thinks loud and clear. Thus, he has just sent a strong message on the social network Twitter!

Long-term banned from the social network Insta, Booba decided to speak on Twitter.

The decision taken by Insta follows new slippages from the rapper, who uses this platform to promote himself, but also to settle accounts with his rivals of the moment, Rohff and Benash.

His repeated insults as well as his insults towards singer Vitaa and Demba Danté, wife of Gims, prompted the site to react. Ouch!

But Booba does not intend to let it go. He let it be known that he was going to invest the La Piraterie account: “Find all the info from BOOBA exclusively on Instagram on the @lapiraterieofficial page,” he wrote.

In the meantime, Booba is not shy about expressing himself on Twitter.


Getting banned from Insta made Booba even more aggressive, if at all possible. Thus, on the blue bird social network, the Duke of Boulogne continued to chain his attacks through video montages.

However, his last post has something to challenge. Thus, we do not know if this is a message directly addressed to his haters or a simple promotion.

Indeed, in the caption of a photo of him, dressed in a suit worthy of a Duke, he writes: “No Negocios”, which means “No negotiations”.

Either way, his fans seem to be reacting pretty well. We can then read comments such as: “The best French rapper of all time”, “When is it for? Piracy is never over “or” Force à toi “.

But one of them thinks he’s got the right interpretation. He writes: “The legend says this is the Ultra cover.” One thing is certain, it is getting long for them to wait for the release of Booba’s next album!