Booba defends Jul on Twitter and pushes a rant!


Booba has just defended JuL on Twitter! Indeed, the two rappers took again the tube of the 90s “Barbie Girl” … A sacred point in common!

Just like JuL, Booba remixed the famous Aqua track, Barbie Girl “! A cover that fans of the Duke of Boulogne have already validated on the Web!

Banned from Instagram for several days, it’s on Twitter that Booba is turning to teaser his next album “Ultra”! For example, B20 recently posted a sample of an unreleased track!

Thus, Internet users were able to recognize the famous hit of the 90s, “Barbie Girl”! And for good reason, just like JuL a few years earlier, the duke took over this song!

Internet users have therefore reacted en masse to this short excerpt on Twitter … And the least we can say is that they validate this unexpected recovery of Booba! A good poker move from the artist …


Many internet users have compared the cover of JuL with that of Booba! Thus, some indicated that they found it at the very least strange that already two rappers took again the title “Barbie Girl” … A song which certainly lacks “Street credibility” in their opinion!

Thus, one internet user posted this tweet: “People who descend on JuL but validate it (the takeover of B20, NDRL) are unnamed hypocrisy. It is totally shameful to stoop to this style! ”

A tweet that Booba reposted, writing the following: “The thing is, you’re going to violate the repeat button without realizing it. As of this writing, I’m eating a maffé and the sound has been on repeat for good hours. I don’t even understand! Barbie Girl wesh! ”

A prediction that will probably turn out to be true! Indeed, Internet users already adore the extract from the B2o remix, which has accumulated more than 600,000 views on Twitter! So, just like the cover of JuL, that of Booba will surely be a hit too!


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