Booba cuts Kaaris to pieces and that’s hilarious!


And it’s off again for a ride between Booba and Kaaris. The two great figures of French rap continue to send each other spikes!

In the summer of 2019, a shooting erupted and injured three people while filming one of Booba’s music videos. The Duke of Boulogne then accused Kaaris, his all-time enemy.

On the day of the shooting, the 92 rapper and his team were in an industrial area when they saw five cars unloading. On board were armed individuals.

The Duke of Boulogne, who left the scene, did not attend the scene. However, many people were injured. As a result, an investigation for attempted murder in an organized gang was opened.

Booba has since believed it to be an attack perpetuated by Kaaris, an artist he was in conflict with at the time. Ouch!

But this case has just been dismissed. “The shooting was not linked to any dispute between the rappers in question,” the prosecution said. This means that no investigation is ongoing in this matter. Unless a possible rebound occurs in the meantime.


After the verdict, Kaaris couldn’t help but react. “Good lawyer Mr. Yakuti,” he wrote on Twitter. Enough to provoke Booba’s anger!

So, the “5G” interpreter posted a screenshot of the tweet. In the caption, he exclaims: “Oh the return of Armand! Ask your lawyer quiche for the slightest complaint or testimony … There is none. Case closed without further action. Logic. On the other hand in your own clips you balance great “so many you don’t know who shot” you were talking about what? Are you pulling? ”.

In a second post, however, he then treats his rival as a balance. He then relies on an article in Le Point which explains that Kaaris allegedly told the courts that someone close to Booba had resorted to identity theft.

He then recalls that it was he himself who would have allowed him to have a criminal record. “Your record was blank, you had a car insurance defect, that’s all. Piracy offered you your first GAV your first judgment and your first sentence at 40, ”he proudly exclaims on the social network to the blue bird.

Booba then published a video inspired by the Rap vs Reality concept of Mister V. In this version, we hear an excerpt from the track Unlimited in which Kaaris declares: “We don’t talk to the cops we don’t talk to the p * tes”.

Then in the following excerpt, the latter declares that he has a neighbor who is a police officer with whom he gets along well. By this, he intends to show the gap between the words and the actions of the Dozo. Ouch!