Booba compares himself to Trump “They’re jealous!”


Rapper Booba supports former US President Donald Trump, after he was banned from social networks! He can understand it!

Booba seems to have trouble keeping up with social media. As evidenced by his recent Instagram ban. He easily understands Donald Trump therefore.

In fact, after a deletion and then a reappearance, the star again lost access to her account. It is therefore on La Piraterie’s Instagram account that Booba publishes its content. Even more, on the blue bird social network.

In short, that doesn’t seem to worry the rapper. The latter has just once again let go of a joke on this subject.

FYI, Donald Trump has also just been banned. The platform criticizes him for his irresponsible behavior. Thus, he would have used violent words in his posts. And he is said to have expressed understanding for his supporters who entered the precincts of the United States Congress to interrupt Joe Biden’s certification ceremony for victory.

Donald Trump has also disappeared from Twitter and Facebook before. Ouch! Booba took the opportunity to show his support for the ex-president. Thus, in the caption of a post, the latter wrote: “We will meet again my boy, they are jealous”.

You will understand, whatever the situation, the Duke of Boulogne always has a little comment to make!


But if Booba is being so calm, it is because he already has an idea in mind. Indeed, a few days ago, we discovered on Twitter that the rapper was embarking on the creation of a new social network.

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The info, we learned through a discussion shared by the star, between a user and the Insta account of La Piraterie.

While the latter asks if Booba will create his own social network, the page responds: “Absolutely, it’s already ready”. However, his team says they have been working on it for over a year. And adds: “It’s square as you say”.

The app is called YO2 and it is described as a network of creators. We do not yet know the different characteristics, but it should see the light of day by 2021. Who expected? Nobody !

One thing is certain, it is likely to attract a lot of people, as the rapper is followed by so many people! Even if we don’t know much about it yet, we expect a platform aimed at young people. It would therefore reflect the universe of the artist and his audience!

We still hope that the rapper will release his new album (“Ultra”) before. And we are not the only ones.

And on your side, what do you think of this new project? Will this solution allow the Duke to defy the prohibitions?


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