Booba burst into tears with Denzo’s success in “Cramé”!


Booba never ceases to be impressed by the talent of the young rappers signed in his labels. Whether it’s SDM or Bramsito!

Bramsito and Denzo have just unveiled their title “Cramé”. And rapper Booba is totally a fan of it.

Since signing to 7 Corp, Booba’s label, Bramsito has turned a corner. Thus, he released his second album “Losa” in mid-July on which we find great stars of French rap like Niska, Leto, Naza, Naps and Timal. So a great climb!

However, the latter does not stop working. He has just released his brand new track “Cramé” featuring Denzo.

Their fans love: “New hit of the year”, “Heavy”, “Incredible”, “Clean we wait for the clip” are all comments that we can read under the YouTube video.

Bramsito has promised to release the clip tonight at 6 p.m.! And Booba can’t wait! Indeed, the Duke of Boulogne has already loved his first listening to the sound. After sharing the teaser on his Instagram account, the latter comments: “@denzo_gbf @bramsitoofficiel # CRAMÉ I almost shed a tear at the end! Unbelievable!!! 🏆 “.

MCE TV tells you more …


Bramsito is not the only Booba foal to send heavy. Indeed, SDM (which belongs to the 92i label) has also just released its new title “Prince de la Calle”.

Of course, the Duke of Boulogne also supported him. So, he shared the sound trailer on his Instagram account.

Enough to help SDM who collected no less than 12,000 views in a few hours on YouTube! The messages of support are also very numerous: “SDM a unique style in France! “,” SW THE BEST SINCE THE START “,” Legend had predicted that SDM would be a Prince of Rap “,” Incredible! What I love about SDM is that it never disappoints, no matter the theme.

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So this is a big hit for Booba and his labels!


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