Booba buries the ax with Feuneu, Wejdene’s manager!


If Booba is known for his talent, it is not less for his clashes. Today, it is to Feneu that he wishes to grant forgiveness!

Booba loves to sting his enemies and that’s why we love him too. However, and as bizarre as it may seem, the Duke of Boulogne also knows how to raise the white flag.

The rapper from 92 seems to want to end his clash with Feneu who seems to go back far in time. Thus, in Story of his favorite social network (Instagram), Booba has just posted a screenshot of old Tweets exchanged with Wejdene’s manager.

In 2013, the latter wrote: “Good or what S * lope @booba” or “Booba I can n * quer for real! MDR “. For his part, B2o caption: “@ FENEU … I BOSS FOR MY PEOPLE FORCE ME TO OPEN THEIR EYES BUT YOU KNOW HOW THE NEGRADES ARE BETWEEN THEM … WITHOUT RANCUNS IT’S THE PAST BUT THE WAY IS LONG … NO #SOSA WAVES “.

A message from Booba who seems to want to ease tensions … MCE TV tells you more!


No one knows if there is a connection, but Booba loves what Wejdene is doing! Thus, during an interview with Mehdi Maïzi, the young woman told how the Duke encouraged her to continue his work and even congratulated her on his very promising start to his career.

He “has already” congratulated me on everything that happened to me. He told me to send hits. What hits! What hits! », She said.

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In parallel, the latter also met Aya Nakamura, who allowed her to take a lot of perspective regarding the criticism she was receiving on the networks.

“Aya, one time we talked about the Twitter critics, she told me not to watch, that’s exactly the wrong thing to do. That if I took everything they said into account I was going to destroy myself, so that’s where I stopped looking. ”

Wejdene therefore seems well surrounded. And we wish him that it lasts because it is better to have Booba in his pocket!


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