Booba: boxer Jkitou likes to listen to “3G” before the fight!


In a recent interview, the very famous boxer Bilel Jkitou said he listened to Booba’s songs before his fights.

At the height of his 44 years, Booba then emerges as one of the most popular and influential rappers in the history of French rap. The Duke inspires and motivates the very famous boxer Bilel Jkitou!

Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine launched at very high speed. For more than 20 years, Booba has had a series of projects, but above all, huge successes.

It must be said that the rapper from 92 has a lot of talent. Thus, his many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know.

They support him en masse in each of his projects! And for once, there is really quite a lot. B2o never lacks inspiration.

In fact, he is about to release a highly anticipated 10th album by the public. And for good reason ! This is the last opus of his career. Yes, you did hear it.

The Duke wishes to put one last slap in the French music scene before ceding his throne. We are witnessing the end of a reign … But rest assured, Booba will not disappear.

His music will be forever remembered and will continue to inspire those who listen to it. To focus on his fights, boxer Bilel Jkitou drowns in the rapper’s words!

Booba: boxer Bilel Jkitou loves to listen to “3G” before a fight!


As you probably know, Booba no longer has access to his Instagram account. It was recently banned for violating user rules.

The rapper from 92 spent a very large part of his time there. Between the excerpts from his songs, the unseen announcements and the repeated clashes, Internet users did not really have time to be bored.

But the interpreter of Comme une étoiles still maintains the link with his audience thanks to the account of La Piraterie. The latter relays the artist’s information.

During the day of Wednesday February 24, subscribers were able to discover a new unpublished video story. This is therefore an excerpt from the last interview of the very famous boxer Bilel Jkitou.

In it, the fighter answers the following question: “What sounds do you listen to before a fight?”. You will understand, he listens to B2o galore!

“Before a fight? Like I told you, there are a lot of sounds. Afterwards, I listen to a lot of Booba before a fight. Really, the last week you got the opponent, you know who you’re gonna box, so you’re really in ‘this is war’ mode, you know? he begins by explaining.

“I listen to the clahs he made. I listen to ‘T.L.T’, AC Milan ’and I listen to 3G’. For me 3G is a classic “then adds the boxer.


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