Booba awaiting Aqua clearance for his “Barbie Girl” remix!


Booba is waiting for permission from all members of the group Aqua to release his track “Ratpi World”, a cover of “Barbie Girl”!

Several days ago, Booba unveiled an excerpt from his “Barbie Girl” remix via his Instagram account! Now, these fans are impatiently waiting for this track to see the light of day!

Deprived of an Instagram account, it is on Twitter, his new favorite social network that Booba is promoting his next album “ULTRA”! Thus, a few days ago, the Duke of Boulogne unveiled an extract from his next track “Ratpi World”!

An extract that had intrigued fans of the rapper! And for good reason, just like JuL, the artist chose to cover the song “Barbie Girl” from the group Aqua!

So, Booba fans are now waiting for him to release this track! In fact, on Twitter, Internet users keep asking the artist for the release date of “Ratpi World”! Thus, B20 has just responded to its community!


After releasing the extract from “Ratpi World”, Booba fans were quick to validate the song … Indeed, you only have to read the many tweets of Internet users to realize it!

“Amazing, I didn’t think B20 could make me like ‘Barbie Girl’, even JuL didn’t! »« This song has to be released, it’s just crazy! ”

Or: “Booba is a crazy man … He can make us love anything, it’s incredible! »We can read on the social network!

So, B20 gave information regarding the release date of this track! “We are awaiting authorization from the AQUA group to be able to put this masterpiece on the platforms and make the whole campsite dance. They are 4 in the group, 3 have already validated! »Wrote the rapper.


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