Booba announces the end of his career for March 2021!


On Twitter, Booba has just launched a new spade to his rival Damso. By letting it be known that his career could end in 2021

It had been a while since Booba had taken on Damso? All it took was a little patience. Indeed, the DUC has just relaunched its clash with the Belgian artist. Because yes, after Gims, Rohff, or Kalash, the 9.2 rapper wanted to choose a new target.

But besides, why did he want to attack his former protege again? Because yes, if some do not know, Damso and him have collaborated for many years.

It was also partly thanks to Booba that the Belgian rapper emerged from the shadows. Hey, Luna and Omar’s dad wanted to call him back. Something that “helped” him out of his hinges on Twitter. Indeed, a few hours ago, B2O published a snapshot of his former foal, letting it be known that his career would end on March 5, 2021.

If some do not know, know that Damso announces the end of his career plan for 2022. But for his rival, it could happen faster than expected.

In fact, at the time when Booba’s new album could see the light of day if we understand correctly. It remains to be seen whether this will really get done or if this is a new DUC fad.


That his former protege stops his career prematurely, the dad of Luna and Omar dreams of it. But could it really be done? Many more doubts remain at this level.

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But in any case one thing is certain. Booba seems unwilling to let go of the Belgian artist and this story could go on for a long time. You only have to look at B2O’s latest tweet to realize it. Tweet in which he refreshes the memory of some:

“But did he know I was going to call him to give him life? Because in real life it was the YouTuber “The Pattern” who sent me his models and a clip where he was walking in the middle of the street with an 8.6 in his hand. It has become the oracle scraping it off. ”

This story is far from over and we are unable to say at this time who de Booba or his former colt will win the duel.


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