Booba announces success with Maes in “Ultra”


Booba is about to release his tenth album. The rapper is planning some exceptional feats including the one with Maes.

Booba is preparing the arrival of his next album “Ultra”. The rapper plans to release a very nice feat with Maes and the fans are thrilled.

Booba wants to mark the spirits for his last album. For several years, the Duke of Boulogne has been talking about him a lot. It must be said that the latter continues the clashes with the artists. Moreover, he found himself in the midst of a big scandal during his fight with Kaaris at an airport.

B2O therefore knows how to be noticed and loves to provoke his enemies. So, on social media, he doesn’t hesitate to send them lots of spades. It may even go too far, and the 44-year-old rapper was banned from Instagram a few months ago. It is therefore through Twitter that he communicates with his fans.

Still, if Booba doesn’t get noticed in the right way all the time, he knows how to please his fans. Thus, on February 16, the rapper made a big surprise to his community. After months of working on his album, he announced that “Ultra” was going to be released very soon.

The rapper’s tenth album will be released on March 5. Fans can, however, already pre-order it since Thursday, February 18. However, B2O also announced very sad news to its fans. He is about to bow out and “Ultra” will mark the end of his career.

Booba announces a feat with Maes in “Ultra” and ignites Instagram!


It is with a hint of nostalgia that Booba announced that Ultra will be his last album. “This is the tenth. And this is the last… “, he said on Twitter while revealing the cover of his latest album. The rapper has been working on his record for many months and intends to please his fans.

Out of the question for him to leave without releasing a very beautiful record. Thus, he was able to make many feats and gradually begins to reveal them. On Instagram, the rapper hinted that he was going to release a sound with Maes. He put out a nice poster with the artist’s wholesale name on it.

The feat with Maes seems to appeal to fans of Booba rather well. Indeed, on the social network, they were numerous to react. “Ultra will shock more than one,” wrote one fan. Others are looking forward to seeing her latest album soon. “3rd diamond on the way,” said another fan.

The Duke of Boulogne therefore risks making a lot of noise with Ultra and his return to the stage is eagerly awaited. And for good reason, he has not released an album since 2017 with “Throne”. However, the rapper has been busy for the past four years. He settled in Miami and released several songs like Dolce Vita and more recently Ratpi World.


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