Booba and Bramsito announce their next feat “Last time”!


Booba continues to chain the titles at the beginning of the year 2021. The rapper pushes the song alongside Bramsito in “Last time”.

So Booba has not finished surprising us! Thus, the rapper from Hauts-de-Seine wants to deliver a new sound to us. Sound that will delight his fans, and which he recorded alongside another big name. Bramsito and B20 tease their feat, “Last time”. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Well… The career of Booba remains as prolific as ever. Earlier this year, the rapper released a sound called “Ratpi World”.

This tube had also made react his fans but also his enemies who tackled him from all sides. This, in part for her cover of a ’90s hit, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

Either way, B20 hasn’t said its last word as it’s about to release another hit. This time around, he won’t be alone and will release it alongside another big name.

Bramsito had already paired up with Kaaris’s nemesis earlier. In 2019, their feat “Sale Mood” was released. Today, they reiterate their friendship.

It is therefore in a new sound, entitled “Last time” that Booba calls on Bramsito again. A sound that is likely to please the entire community of fans of Kopp: Piracy.


Booba therefore continues to show himself on social networks, throwing his spades at all costs. Many people have paid the price for his outspokenness which is unmatched elsewhere.

To their chagrin, some are therefore knocked out by the man nicknamed the Duke of Boulogne. Among them, journalists, who laughed at his new success, Ratpi World.

Neither one nor two, Kopp wanted to clear things up and silence his enemies. Once the enemies are gone, he is on the hunt for new musical success.

Indeed, our rapper will pair up with Bramsito in a brand new hit expected for tomorrow, Friday February 12. We have only one hurry, to discover the fruits of their labor.

In the meantime, both have already started to tease their new baby. Everything suggests that this sound will cheer us up for the month of February!

Hoping that Booba will not make his Bramsio an umpteenth rival on his record. After all, when these two get together, it makes some good sounds.

For his part, B20 is about to release a brand new album which he concocts with small onions. Big heavy, according to what Piracy shares on Twitter.

It remains to be seen what the duo’s hard work will yield on YouTube on Friday. More than a day to wait, so just wait and see!


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