Booba and Afida Turner love to clash fans on social media?


Booba and Afida Turner, are they the king and queen of clash on social networks? We give you more details!

Are Booba and Afida Turner becoming the kings of the clash on social networks?

They love their fans as much as they love to clash them when the opportunity arises! It should be noted first of all that many stars take the time to respond to their fans.

Indeed, she wishes to keep a strong bond with them. And staying close to your community is the goal of many celebrities.

But other stars seem to have too much free time. So much so that they even take the time to respond to those called haters.

Why go to so much trouble responding to negative and generally non-constructive comments? Well, the art of clash, ladies and gentlemen, is winning over more and more celebrities.

Publicly putting a fan in his place seems to be becoming a real trend. So those who wanted to play clever by leaving a bad comment in order to humiliate the person are immediately reframed.

Besides, these “conflicts” are sometimes very funny. And Internet users, who never miss one, have fun on social media.

In fact, among the stars best known for their clashes is Booba. The latter has become an entity in the art of clashing.

Besides Booba, netizens have noticed that another star likes to pick on her fans. It is indeed Afida Turner! We reveal everything to you.


Booba is by far the king of clash! The rapper often attacks his best enemies. We think of Gims, Kaaris or Rohff.

King of the punchline too, he sometimes allows himself to make fun of his fans, even the most loyal. We remember a big fan who wanted to please his idol by giving him fan art.

Not very convinced by his artistic talents, Booba then shared the drawing, adding “Of course”. Suffice to say that it sparked a lot of mockery on social media. Poor fan …

Afida Turner for her part is much more aggressive with her subscribers. Fans who dare to laugh at her are directly cropped, and the young woman does not go through all four ways!

To a subscriber who advises her to take a dress size larger, she will simply reply “shut up, you don’t know anything about it”. Ditto for a young woman who points out to him that her makeup has failed.

Afida Turner will call one of her subscribers a “piece of shit” because she asked where she could find wigs like hers. It must be said that the young woman was upset to see that some think that it is not her real hair!

Finally, she ends up comparing one of her fans to Joe Dalton and calling her a “dirty jerk”. She dared to tell him that she was using too many filters.


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