Booba: After a hack, a photo of it was revealed!


Rapper Booba’s official Twitter account would have been hacked and he didn’t like it much! We give you more details.

A naked Booba photo surfaced on social networks after a supposed hack!

This weekend, the king of provocation has not been idle! Indeed, the French rapper known for his many clashes has struck again.

After tackling Mister V and Squeezie, Booba found himself in a Top Tweet on Twitter. But the Duke of Boulogne was in fact the victim of a hack by a certain Kira.

Banned from Instagram, the rapper was still able to use his brand’s account to break the news. “The Duke has had his Twitter hacked, he can no longer access it! »Could be read on the account of La Piraterie.

Thus, Booba then asks if among his subscribers was a “turfu geek”. The artist’s brand communications team will also ask fans to spin the message in order to find a solution.

Meanwhile, nothing is going well on Twitter. Indeed, a naked photo of the artist has surfaced!

We then see the Duke of Boulogne with an open bathrobe thus revealing his thigh and his penis. The latter was hidden by a honeypot emoji!

Without waiting for the canvas to panic! Especially since the Tweet says that the hacker is in possession of an excerpt from a sex tape with a Miss.

He specifies that he would be ready to reveal it at any time! What made many Internet users react.


On Twitter, former Miss France Camille Cerf did not hesitate to react to Booba’s publication. Indeed she let him know that his post was “ridiculous”.

The Duke of Boulogne, or rather his hacker, took the opportunity to put it back in its place. He will indeed tell her that she shouldn’t care about this story.

Booba still ended up regaining control of his account fairly quickly. But his return left some very perplexed by the story that had just unfolded.

And for good reason: the rapper implies that in reality he has never been hacked. “The truth is, you were never on my foolish account. Can we read on his post.

What to ask questions! “Go hack your grandparents, we told you! Here the Duke, piracy is never over. »He adds finally.

A post that therefore sows doubt in the minds of Twittos. They seem indeed divided on the subject!

But if this hack turned out to have been fabricated by the rapper himself, some fans say they are disappointed and shocked by the artist. “It’s scary. »Writes an Internet user.

Did the rapper say that to save face, or did he really fake his hack? The mystery remains unsolved. Case to be continued.


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