Boo, Bitch: Lana Condor is the new Netflix comedy


Actress Lana Condor, famous for starring in the movie For All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, was recently confirmed as the main star of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch.

The production will have eight episodes and will tell the story of an ordinary student who is finishing high school and, on a certain day, discovers that she is just a ghost. Originally created by Tim Schauer and Kuba Soltysiak, the scripts were developed by the duo Erin Ehrlich and Lauren Iungerich.

The addition of Lana Condor to Boo’s cast, Bitch expands the actress’s relationship with the streaming giant. It is worth remembering that, due to the success of the movie For All the Boys I’ve Loved, two sequences were ordered. The third of them will be released on February 12 on Netflix.

In addition to the teenage romantic comedy franchise, the actress also made appearances in the films Alita: Battle Angel, X-Men: Apocalypse and Moonshot, as well as Syfy’s Deadly Class series.

Learn more about Boo, Bitch, Netflix’s new comedy series

Few details of the new Netflix comedy series have been released so far. But, because it is a production focused on a high school student, the public can expect a very young complementary cast that should interact with the protagonist of Lana Condor in different situations.

Apparently – and because it is a series with comic tones -, the scripts will bet on the development of the main character as a ghost. This is evidenced, even, by the title itself, which makes a kind of joke with some fright. Will it scare troubled students from your school?

That way, we can only wait for more news!


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