Bonus Brother Jonas Talks about an Awkward Thanksgiving Due to the fact that he was a big fan of “Game of Thrones” when Joe started dating Sansa Stark


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been together for a while these days and recently welcomed their second child, although sometimes it’s still hard to believe that Jonas’ popular brother and former Game of Thrones Sansa Stark ever crossed paths to become an item. In fact, however, Frankie’s younger brother was even a little hard to believe at first. The fourth and youngest Jonas, Frankie, recently revealed that he was amazed when his older brother first started dating Turner.

Once nicknamed “Bonus Jonas” recently discussed his family ties and the new TV series “Claim to Fame” with his brother Kevin on the Chicks in the Office podcast (opens in new tab). Frankie Jonas talked about feeling the starry sky, even though your own brothers are some of the biggest stars in the world. It’s one thing to know that your brother is famous, but it’s another to meet someone from a popular TV series like Game of Thrones. In fact, he said that he was most impressed during a family holiday when Sophie Turner joined the celebration:

To be honest, I was most shocked on Thanksgiving Day in 2016. I arrive at this airport, and then I’m on a plane with my family, Sansa Stark, and I’m like, “Wow.” The whole flight, and I was just trying to think of something to say to her, and I couldn’t. For about 24 hours I didn’t talk to Sophie because I was too scared because she was so cool.

Awkward. It’s not surprising that Frankie Jonas was nervous about meeting Sophie Turner, especially when you consider that he is a big fan of Game of Thrones, and this show was then one of the most popular on the air. It’s only fair that he behaved this way with an actress who probably felt bigger than life and was at the peak of her fame in the series.

In fact, 2016 was supposed to be between seasons 6 and 7, and around the same time Sansa became more popular with fans because of her character. Hopefully, six years later, Jonas will be able to feel more comfortable around his current sister-in-law, but I won’t blame him if he still acts a little weird from time to time.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner officially started dating in 2016 after being spotted together for several months. The couple took the next step, getting engaged only a year later and getting married in style in Las Vegas. Now that he has two children, Uncle Frankie is probably used to the idea that his older brother will be with Sansa Stark.

Meanwhile, Jonas’ fourth brother is currently busy in a different way. Frankie and Kevin Jonas are both hosts of the ABC program “Claim to Fame”, where the participants are relatives of celebrities, and using hints, they must find out who this relative of the celebrity is. This is the first time the brothers have worked together on a project since Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam 2010, which made it a big event for fans.

As for Sophie Turner, she gradually left “Game of Thrones”, having played the role of Margaret Ratliff in the HBO Max mini-series “Stairs” earlier this year. Fans always hope that Sansa Stark will be able to return in another project.

Watch Kevin and Frankie Jonas on the program “Claim to Fame” on Mondays at 22:00. ET on ABC! Or take a look at the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022 to find out what else to expect this year.