Bomb threat: “Send 50 Bitcoins or we’ll blow up buildings”


In Ukraine, terrorists who demanded 50 Bitcoins were caught with the threat of blowing up buildings. Terrorists even detonated a bomb near a metro station to prove they were serious.

According to the statement of the Ukrainian state security agency, the Ukrainian Security Service, the country’s capital captured terrorists who demanded Bitcoin in exchange for not blowing up buildings in the capital.

According to a post on the official Facebook page of the agency, two 60-year-old men sent a note to an apartment building in Kiev that threatened to blow up that building or someone else unless Bitcoin addresses were sent to 50 BTC.

The terrorists even exploded a small bomb next to a subway station on July 21 to prove that they were serious, then they called the police twice and reported that they had placed bombs in other parts of Kiev.

Analyzing mobile phone data and street cameras, law enforcement officers detained two suspects.

Despite his advanced ages, suspects have learned how various criminals use cryptocurrencies and aim to escape punishment after receiving money from a digital wallet, said Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Herashchenko.

It was determined that a transfer of 0.00012258 BTC was made on July 22 from an unknown wallet to the Bitcoin wallet address in the threat note.

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