Bomb Rumor: One of the Most Robust War Movies in History with ‘X-Men vs Avengers’ Send


Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment space in March last year paved the way for X-Men characters to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). New rumors suggest that Marvel Studios is working on a movie that will confront X-Men and Avengers.

Closing the 23-film Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the first three-phase screen that he shot in the same narrative world, Marvel Studios rolled up his sleeves for the productions he will present in the fourth stage, but there is a very important question that Marvel fans have been around for a while: X-Men characters, When will he step into the MCU?

As you know, Disney, the roof company of Marvel Studios, bought the assets of 21st Century Fox in the entertainment area for a full $ 71.3 billion after long negotiations. From that moment on, everyone who loved the action movie started to wait for the movie that the X-Men characters would step into the Marvel world.

Curiously anticipated when X-Men and MCU unity will take place

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stated in a statement in the last beats of 2018 that Deadpool and X-Men films could begin to be developed in the first six months of 2019. As for the other two films, the work is still ongoing for Deadpool 3, where we will watch Ryan Reynolds. We do not have a vision date for now. We also don’t know for now whether this movie will interact with the MCU.

According to a new article Epicstream has brought to its pages, we can see Charles Xavier’s super-talented mutant students fighting against the Avengers team. Allegations indicate that Marvel Studios is working on a movie in the X-Men vs Avengers concept. But first, the character of Doctor Doom will enter the MCU.

After this crossover, Marvel will gradually integrate the X-Men character into the cinematic universe. And as a result of all this, we will encounter a movie that we will witness the battle of X-Men and Avengers. Of course, these are claims that need to be approached with suspicion as they need confirmation, but in any case, the ‘one day’ combination of MCU and X-Men will definitely come true. It’s just time …


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