Bolsonaro shouldn’t ban Huawei at 5G auction


After many comings and goings, the Chinese Huawei should no longer be barred in the auction of the 5G network in Brazil. According to sources in the telecommunications sector and at the Planalto Palace, the billion dollar cost of exchanging equipment was the main reason that led the Bolsonaro government to retreat from alignment with the United States.

In addition, the end of the “Trump era” also helped to make the ideological speech against the Chinese giant frustrated in practice. Estadão cites the Coronavac vaccine as an example. This is because the positioning of the Planalto has changed and the immunizer is currently being distributed in the national program.

After the president steps back and Coronavac is included in the national immunization program, sources at the Palace believe that there is no more room for another “defeat”. That’s because banning Huawei would cause a judicial war with chances of the federal government losing in the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

While the government tries to make a subtle change in its speech, the well-known “ideological wing” is still pushing for a ban on Huawei. Initially, this group of advisers to the president even wrote a decree to exclude the Chinese.

Huawei remains the top US target. However, the change in government should stop Brazil from having an automatic alignment with the White House.


While the ideological discussion seems to come to an end, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) must approve the public notice by the end of February. The text does not provide for the banning of Huawei, and the event should take place at the end of the first half of 2021.

Commenting on the auction, the vice president, Hamilton Mourão, said he was misinterpreted by the president himself when he talked about 5G and caused a reaction from the Plateau. Asked directly whether all companies can participate, he replied:

Provided it proves effectively that it will preserve our sovereignty and privacy of user data.


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