Bolsonaro Presents PL That Makes It Difficult To Moderate Fake News


Bolsonaro: A Bill of Law (PL) that promotes changes in the Marco Civil da Internet was submitted to the National Congress by President Jair Bolsonaro. The proposal, sent this Monday (20), modifies the rules for the removal of fake content and profiles that share fake news.

The content is similar to that of Provisional Measure (MP) No. 1,068, presented on September 6 and rejected by the president of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco. Thus, the project limits the action of providers and social networks by moderating posts that violate the terms of use of the platforms.

According to the government, the PL defends “principles of freedom of expression, communication and expression of thought”. It obliges the provider to notify the user in cases of policy violations, informing what action it intends to take, the reasons and deadlines, in addition to providing contact channels and procedures to challenge the decision.

If the project is approved, companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will have difficulties to exclude false news on topics such as vaccines and electronic voting machines, for example. In other situations, such as incitement to crimes against life, there would not be so many obstacles to removing content.


After reaching Congress, the text needs to be discussed and voted on in committees and in the plenary of the Chamber and Senate. Being approved in the previous stages, the PL depends on presidential sanction to become law.

It is worth remembering that the MP, whose proposal was basically the same as this project, received a series of criticisms from entities, political parties and experts. For them, the changes are a way to limit moderation on the internet, opening the way to promote misinformation.

In addition, the measure was invalidated by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Rosa Weber. The suspension of the effects of the text took place after the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and political parties appealed to the Court.


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