Bolsonaro appoints ANPD directors to implement LGPD


The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, made official on Thursday (15) the names indicated to form the Directing Council of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), an organ that is responsible for the inspection and guarantee of implementation of the General Protection Law (LGPD) in the country.

The names include three military personnel and at least two of the nominees were expected by industry experts. Now, the list goes to the Senate for approval before it becomes official.

The terms of office range from two to six years in the first term, but will be shorter in future training – the longer term is that of the CEO, who stayed with the current president of Telebras, Waldemar Gonçalves Ortunho Junior.

Check out the full list:

  • Waldemar Gonçalves Ortunho Junior (Telebras)
  • Joacil Basilio Rael (Institutional Security Office)
  • Arthur Pereira Sabbat (Institutional Security Office)
  • Miriam Wimmer (Ministry of Communications)
  • Nairane Farias Rabelo Leitão (private sector attorney)

And now?

The formation of the ANPD is delayed: the original idea was that the group would already operate following the sanction of the law, which occurred in September. However, due to several delays in the approval of the law by the Legislature and in the governments of Michel Temer and Bolsonaro, it will now be necessary to wait for the formation of the complete list of members.

In all, the ANPD will have another 21 members from different sectors, from appointed by the Executive to scientific and business authorities.

The ANPD is considered essential for the law to function properly, since the specialized group serves as a bridge between government and society – including the disclosure about the usefulness of the rules, which increase the privacy of users on the internet. The body operates independently, but reports directly to the Presidency and may have the training exchanged by the body.

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