Boldly Default II: thinks demo feedback is valuable


In an interview for Famitsu, producer Masashi Takahashi, from Bravely Default II, commented a little on player feedback after the demo was made available on Nintendo Switch and assumed that some messages from the public left him “embarrassed” and “relieved” at the same time.

According to Takahashi, the final demonstration of Bravely Default II, launched in late December last year, served for the Claytechworks studio to turn its attention to several things that had not been observed during the previous development of the game. Thus, the feedback from players during the period was considered valuable so that details of the camera, exploration and weapon and armor system could be improved and corrected.

“The list of things we changed was endless. For simplicity, we pulled the camera slightly back in the dungeons. The people who played the demo thought it was very easy to get lost in the dungeons and that they were attacked by monsters off the screen. those concerns by pulling the camera back, “said the producer.

“We also wiped the faces on character icons in stores and menus. We didn’t change the models or anything. We just adjusted the shadows and things like that to make things look more pleasant. In addition, we added the ability to compare new weapons and armor in stores. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that, but this is a feature that should be in the game. We just couldn’t implement it in time for the demo, “he continued.

After assuming that he was “embarrassed” for having missed so much, Takahashi assumed that the feedback was a relief and, in a thankful tone, confirmed that the title will be improved until its release.

Bravely Default II arrives on February 26 for the Nintendo Switch.


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