Boku no Hero: New Game Being made by Arc System Works


Boku no Hero: Rumors indicate that ArcSys Works, responsible for games like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ, would be developing a fighting game from the manga/anime My Hero Academia – also known as Boku no Hero.

The information had surfaced on Reddit days ago, specifying that the title would be 2v2, with 4 buttons and a support character. In addition, it would feature 27 characters, but not all of them would be available in story mode.

In addition, a TikTok user stated that his friend met the voice actor of the character Mirio at a convention and that, in an informal conversation, he would have confirmed that the anime would receive a traditional fighting game. When asked about evidence of the conversation, the author of the video above declined.

It’s worth remembering that Bandai Namco will be holding a conference at this year’s E3 and that the next Arc System Works game, Guilty Gear Strive, will be released soon.

What is your opinion on the subject? Real or fake? Would you like to see a Dragon Ball FighterZ-style game from My Hero Academy?


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