Boeing 737 Max flight permit decided!


Boeing 737 Max, which was brought to the agenda with 2 fatal accidents last year and was investigated by the US Department of Justice, managed to get a flight permit. The model, which was re-produced in May 2020, will be seen again in the sky.

Boeing 737 Max receives flight clearance

As a result of the accidents, the 737 Max, whose flight license was revoked last year, was tested again after improvements. Steve Dickson, Head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), said, “Improvements were made, especially by focusing on the problems in the aircraft’s automatic flight control system that caused the accident. After a comprehensive study, the Boeing 737 Max was again made suitable for flight. ”Used expressions.

Boeing 737 Max uçuş izni aldı

Stating that all Boeing 737 Max aircraft will be recertified after the security update, FAA underlined that they will carry out a meticulous work on this issue. United and Southwest Airlines announced that they plan to use the Boeing 737 Max again in 2021.

Explaining that they tested the 737 model with his family in the video released yesterday, Dickson said, “I can say that I feel 100 percent comfortable in my journey. After accidents in the past, the Boeing 737 Max model was made safe again. I and my colleagues conducted a detailed study of identifying the issues involved in accidents on Lion Air and Ethiopian Airways flights. ” said.


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