Body Language and Robbo “not 100% wrong” — 3 Things from Klopp’s Post-Brighton Press Conference


Jurgen Klopp knows that no one wants to hear that Liverpool are making “steps in the right direction”, but that’s how he felt after the defeat at Brighton, but he questioned the body language of some of his players.

Here are three points from the manager after the defeat by Brighton:

Body language

Without an invitation, Klopp noted that “the body language [from] a couple of boys should be much better,” but did not go into details.

In one breath, he said that “the defense in the formation should be the best of several,” the names were not named.

When asked later to clarify his point of view, Klopp was not particularly happy to discuss it further.

“When I talk about body language today, it wasn’t good. It should be better next time. There is nothing left for an additional answer,” he said.

“Look, I’m not thrilled with this performance, but, again, the only thing that happened was that we lost to a good side.”

Still taking steps

It has been four defeats since Liverpool returned after a break in the World Cup, two of which knocked the Reds out of both domestic cup tournaments.

There are no results yet, but Klopp sees his team taking steps in the “right direction”, although he knows that you may be as tired of his words as he is.

“We are in a situation where we constantly want to take the last step, and therefore now it seems to us especially bad at this moment because it did not happen,” the manager said.

“But again there were steps in the right direction, and I can imagine that no one wants to hear it anymore, I can’t hear it anymore, but it’s still right.

“We have to go from there. We’re playing wolves again, and we’ll try there again. We have to rely on such things.”

“Not 100% true”

After the defeat, Andy Robertson admitted that although Liverpool wanted a “fresh start”, they “probably got worse” since the beginning of the year.

After receiving his comments during a press conference, Klopp said: “Not 100% true, but not 100% wrong either.

“Of course we wanted a fresh start, it’s clear when you come back from a break in the World Cup, you definitely want it.

“Until it happened properly, it’s true. That means we have to keep working, we have nothing else to do.”

Now that the breaks between games have become longer to train, rest and recover, Liverpool must react. We’re tired of saying it too!


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